This is heartbreaking. #MH370



Words cannot describe how heavy my heart is right now upon hearing the news of the missing plane. It’s funny how as a Malaysian, I wish more people know about my tiny country but now that it’s trending worldwide, I’m just, no, not this way. Not with such a bad news. 

Praying this story will end on a happy note 😔

The National History Museum of London.

Winter 2012 | London

Christmas tree decoration at the Queen’s Gallery.

Winter 2012 | London



If i look very closely i’ll begin to see how Allah has saved me from myself multiple times, no actually countless times.

I used to be so jealous of people with stick out collarbones until I finally see a part of my body I’ve never been able to see before! Every now and then I catch myself touching my neck just to make sure it is still there, lol.

*holds back tears* I’m so blessed to call these amazing man & woman my father and mother.

Happy birthday to me! :)

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: How to Care for an Introvert


  1. Respect their need for privacy and to spend time on their own.
  2. Be careful never to embarrass them in public.
  3. When they are in a new situation, allow them to stand back, and watch what’s going on.
  4. Allow them time to process what you’re asking or saying….

Everyday is a battle against ‘Nasi Lemak’. Today, nasi lemak won :S

A small gathering of friends from my high school class got together this weekend, to celebrate Aqilah’s wedding. It was one of the best times I’ve had in recent memory. I got to reconnect with old friends - some of whom I haven’t seen in months.

I’m the one sitting on the bride and groom’s bench :3 

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It’s so hard for me to talk about my emotions to anyone, even when I feel like nothing is going right, whatever that means. I write, I make dua and honestly, I feel like that’s enough venting for me. Am I making it seem like my life is perfect when I don’t contribute to conversations with friends when they’re talking about life and all it’s downs?  

That is how we all suppose to do as a Muslim. The first place to turn to is Allah SWT. What else do you want if you already have the most merciful power in your heart. I should learn this from you :3

Truly Malaysians.

You know you have a good man when you can send him to the store to get you your monthly girly things but forget to mention brand and types and he comes home with the whole store. And while he gives you the bag, he says, “I got you all sort of weird stuff. Some of them have wings.” Lol, WOW!

MashaAllah, our Malaysian children ♥ 

"Winning or losing is a test from Allah SWT…"